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Turkey-Qatar LNG Agreement

First long term LNG agreement has taken effect between BOTAŞ and Qatargas. LNG, equivalent to 2 billion m3 Natural Gas planned to be exported to BOTAŞ from Qatar

It has been announced that a long term LNG import agreement was signed with Qatar and took effect, after discussions lasted in recent few years. Qatar from which short term and small quantities LNG imported for long years, has been key LNG and Natural Gas sources for Turkey.

In the course of Qatar visit of President Tayyip Erdoğan in the days past, also participated by Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Berat Albayrak, a LNG agreement has been signed between BOTAŞ and Qatargas.

Under the agreement, securing LNG import from Qatar under the long term agreement for the first time, Qatargas will deliver LNG equivalent to 2 billion m3 Natural Gas to BOTAŞ.

A preliminary memorandum of understanding was signed between BOTAŞ and Qatar Natural Gas company, to secure long term and regular LNG import by Turkey from Qatar, in September, the final stage reached in terms of agreement. In the announcement of Qatargas in September, it was communicated annually 1.5 million ton LNG would be exported along 3 years TEBA:1833/ September 21, 2017.

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