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Austrian Andritz Hydro, Gigant of HEPPs, Inaugurated İzmir Factory

Andritz Hydro Executive Board Chairman Wolfgang Semper, "Success stories of Andritz Hydro, always signed firsts in energy market as a Turkish company since 1991, has been the most important factor behind the investment decision in İzmir."

Andritz Hydro Director General Wolfgang Hofmann, "I hope this step will be Pioneer for Turkey to reach an important point in Andritz's global supply chain."

Austrian Andritz Hydro Group, one of the first licensors of Hydroelectricity Power Plants (HEPP) turbine and generators in the World with over 170 year experience, operating in 60 countries and successfully completed almost 70% of HEPP installed capacity in Turkey since 1950, has inaugurated regional manufacturing base (factory) for mostly exporting abroad, at İzmir İTOB Organized Industrial Zone.

Inauguration of Andritz Hydro's factory was participated by Austrian Ambassador Ulrike Tilly, Menderes Public Administrator Bahri Tiryaki and Selçuk Public Administrator Ayhan Boyacı, Andritz Hydro Executive Board Chairman Wolfgang Semper, Andritz Hydro Director General Wolfgang Hofmann, Austrian Trade Consulate and many investors and manufacturers in the energy sector. 

In the previous news story, we reported that gigantic name of HEPPs, Austrian Andritz Hydro has started mobilization process for opening a factory in İzmir-Menderes Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) on a 5 thousand m2 closed area TEBA:1841/ November 17, 2017.

Andritz Hydro Executive Board Chairman Semper, "I am fully confident of the fact that if we are successful we will continue with our investments"

Andritz Hydro Executive Board Chairman Wolfgang Semper reminded that they served in Turkey energy market since 1950s in the field of HEPPs and went on to say,

"Factory opening here today is the proof of how important Turkey for Andritz. I am fully confident of the fact that if we are successful we will continue with our investments. Andritz Hydro Ltd. Şti. is active in energy market since 1991 as a Turkish company and achieved firsts. This is observed by us and has been an important factor behind our investment decisions".

Andritz Hydro Director General Hofmann

Andritz Hydro Director General Wolfgang Hofmann has thanked for trust and support extended by all investors and suppliers, primarily to Kalehan and Limak Groups. Hofmann said, "I hope this step will be Pioneer of Andritz’s global supply chain to carry Turkey to an important point".

Director General Wolfgang Hofmann, who was present in many investment contracts of Andritz Hydro in Turkey, has most recently signed electromechanical equipments contract of Ilısu HEPP and Yusufeli HEPP Projects with DSİ General Directorate.

Austria ranks third in terms of capital transfer to Turkey among foreign investors

In the speech delivered at the inauguration ceremony, Austrian Ambassador Ulrike Tilly has noted that Austria, although a small country, ranked third among the foreign investors in terms of capital transfer to Turkey and said, "Today, 14 Austrian foreign investors are active in İzmir. This is the sign of trust felt by private sectors of the two countries to each other".

Selçuk and Menderes Public Administrators also announced that they were ready to extend all kinds of support for paving ground to high added value investments needed by Turkey and region.

It is reported that factory installed in İzmir will be used as the base by Andritz Hydro to be exported to markets abroad, products of the factory will be used in projects in Turkey and also will be exported to markets in Africa, Middle East, former Soviet Republics and Balkans.

Andritz Hydro, already supplied electromechanical equipments of Atatürk, Karakaya and Keban HEPP Projects known as the biggest HEPPs of Turkey and Hacınınoğlu, Sarıgüzel, Kandil, Alkumru, Boyabat, Tatar-Pembelik, Beyhan 1, Çetin, Ayvalı, Upper and Lower Kaleköy, Kargı HEPPs of Private Sector, also planned to manufacture some parts of equipments of Yusufeli HEPP Project in this factory.

Reportedly, maintenance,rehabilitation and improvement manufacturing of old power plants and production of 30 MW capacity HEPPs turbine and generators will all be made in the factory to be installed in İzmir. 

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