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World High Speed Railway Congress and Fair (I)

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan, "In recent 15 years, we have made total 18.5 billion Euro in railway sector. Of this, 4.7 billion Euro is for high speed railway projects, 715 million Euro is for high speed railway projects. Turkey is the country where the highest railway construction process underway after China. Until 2023, we will make 39 billion Euro investment more in railway sector."

10.' World Very High Speed Railway Congress and Fair organized by International Railway Union will be held at Ankara Congressium on May 8-10, 2018 under the auspices of Prime Ministry and support of Ministry of Transportation Maritime Affairs and Communication.

Speaking at the opening of congress, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Arslan has underlined that Turkey located at the center of region covering Asia, Europe, Mediterranean and Black Sea Basin, and at the heart of Historical Silk Way.

"Works in Gebze-Halkalı Railway project reached the final stage"

Furnishing information on ongoing high speed train line investments in Turkey, Arslan has noted that Ankara-Sivas very high speed train line planned to be completed next year, Ankara-İzmir very high speed railway line within two years. He also reported that tendering process of about 230 km high speed train line from Halkalı to Kapıkule was ongoing. Upgrading İstanbul commuter lines to metro standards and constructing one more line  for high speed trains will be concluded at the end of year. Arslan has reported that design Works of Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen Airport-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-3. Airport-Halkalı railway, second corridor in İstanbul to render services for cargo movements to be increased between Asia and Europe have reached the final stage.

Reporting very high speed train line under operation in Turkey reached 1,213 km. Arslan has noted that 3,798 km was under construction, 11,582 km railway line at construction, tendering and design processes. Arslan has noted that 90% of railway network in Turkey was renewed, number of electrical and signaling lines increased by 100% and went on to say, "Our target is to make all lines electrical and signalized towards 2023, to reach utmost operational efficiency level in the railway sector. We also have taken steps for establishing industrial facilities together with private sector and start production for establishing a railway sector in Turkey also by taking the regional market into account."

"In recent 15 years, we have made total 18.5 billion Euro in railway sector"

Noting Sivas, Adapazarı and Eskişehir gained "railway industry city" identity, Arslan has said that they built an infrastructure in Eskişehir to produce national high speed train, in Adapazarı national electrical and diesel train sets, in Sivas to produce national cargo wagon.
Arslan has underlined total investment in recent 15 years has been 18.5 billion euro in the railway sector, of this, 4.7 billion Euro is for high speed railway projects, 715 million Euro is for high speed railway projects. 

Communicating Turkey is the country where high amount of railway construction is underway after China, Arslan said, "Until 2023, 39 billion Euro investment made in railway sector. We planned to spend about 31 billion Euro, corresponding to 80% of this amount, for high speed train and high speed railway projects. by the new constructed lines, we will connect all over the country with  very high speed and high speed train lines". 

TCDD Director General İsa Apaydın

TCDD Director General and UIC Middle East Region Chairman İsa Apaydın has noted that in the world today, about 41,000 km high speed line was under operation and this figure would reach 80 thousand km soon. Apaydın has further reported that how the construction and maintenance costs of high speed railway lines to be reduced and how the sustainability to be maintained world be discussed in the Congress. Underlining opinions will be exchanged on sustainable maintenance management, Apaydın said, "We will focus on the answers of questions how we can compete with other modes by reflecting the costs on ticket fees". Apaydın has further noted that it was a big honor to host the congress, held at two year intervals, in Turkey for the first time, and said, "We are very happy to see that high speed railway operation, successfully implemented in Turkey, will be model for entire neighboring countries".

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