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TÜİK Has Announced the Unemployment Rate for February 2018

Unemployment rate has declined to 10.6 percent. The amount of the unemployed decreased by 546,000, reaching 3,354 million

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) data, the number of the unemployed among those aged 15 and above reached 3,354 million people with 546,000 decrease in February 2018 compared the same month of last year. The rate of unemployment was 10.6 percent with a 2-point decrease.

The estimated non-agricultural unemployment in the same period was 12.5 percent with a 2.3 point decrease. While the rate of unemployment in the young population (aged 15 to 24) was 19 percent with a 4.3-point decrease, this rate was 10.9 percent with a 2 point decrease in the age group 15 to 64.  

The number of the employed grew by 1.21 million people, reaching 28,166 million while the rate of employment reached 46.6 percent with a 1.3 percent increase. Of all employments, 17.7 percent took place in agriculture, 20 percent in industry, 7 percent in construction, and 55.3 percent in service sector. Compared to the same period of the previous year, while the share of the agriculture industry among the employments decreased by 1 point, a growth took place by 0.5 percent in the industry, 0.3 percent in construction, and 0.1 in the service sector.

The rate of participation in the labor increased by 0.4 percent and reached 52.2 percent. According to the comparisons for the same periods, while the rate of participation of males in the labor was 71.5 percent with a 0.2 percent decrease, those of females was 33.3 percent with a 1 point increase.

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