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Alstom Foundation To Support 25 New Projects Around The World

The Alstom Corporate Foundation has announced its final selection of projects for the 2019 cycle. One project is in Turkey.

The Alstom Corporate Foundation has announced its final selection of projects for the 2019 cycle. With a total of 158 projects having been submitted, Alstom employees have once again demonstrated their enthusiasm for philanthropy and for supporting local communities.

Among the projects, the Foundation has selected the “BiDown Independent Life and Career Academy”, in Istanbul, Turkey.

“BiDown Independent Life and Career Academy" is a training project for the youngsters with Down syndrome who already finished formal education and need support to have autonomy and job skills. Aim of the project is to design training tools and materials in order to teach the skills needed in daily and professional life like managing money, using public transportation, communication, cooking, career planning etc. that are useful in adult life. The partner organization of this project is Down Syndrome Foundation in Turkey.

“We are happy to be selected for the Alstom Foundation Award. We regard CSR as an integral pillar of our business and we are committed to supporting our community by working with local partners to create and deliver contributions to society that generate social impact", says Arban Citak, Managing Director of Alstom Turkey.

“I am delighted to see my Alstom colleagues demonstrating such a strong citizenship commitment! In response to such a determination to support local communities the Group has decided to increase the Foundation’s annual budget for project funding. Starting this year, the Foundation will have a budget of 1.5 million euros, an increase of 50% over that of previous years. This will allow it to support a greater number of projects and/or those of a higher value,” says Barry Howe, Secretary General of the Alstom Foundation.

This year, the Foundation’s Board has selected 25 projects for funding from it’s 2019/20 budget – a significant increase on the 16 projects funded last year.

Established in 2007, the Alstom Foundation supports and funds projects proposed by Alstom employees who team up with local NGO partners and not-for-profit organizations to carry out initiatives aimed at improving living conditions in communities located near the Groups facilities and project sites around the world. The Foundation’s projects focus on four axes: Mobility, Environmental Protection, Energy & Water, and Socio-Economic Development.

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