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Support Provided by Garanti BBVA Leasing and Smart Energy to SPP Investors

Credit support will be provided to SPP investors at suitable costs and maturities by means of the protocol…

Garanti BBVA Leasing, one of the prominent firms in the leasing sector and Smart Energy, one of the actors in the solar power industry have signed a partnership agreement.

According to the press release made by the companies, credit support will be provided to investors at suitable costs and maturities by means of the protocol signed between Garanti BBVA Leasing and Smart Energy.

Smart Energy’s Chairman of the Board Halil Demirdağ noting that providing credit possibilities in addition to capital assets of companies is of utmost importance in every sense in investments put into life in the solar power sector, said: “The agreement we have signed with our solution partner Garanti BBVA Leasing will have its returns as a national and sustainable contribution to the economy of the country as well as the industry with regard to its outcomes.” Demirdağ spoke as follows: “We will be able to provide suitable credit support solutions for projects which we will undertake by means of the protocol we have just signed. Investors who wish to invest in solar power will acquire support both over Smart Energy and also over Garanti BBVA Leasing.”

Also, General Manager of Garanti BBVA Leasing Ünal Gökmen made the following statement: “We are displaying our viewpoint regarding renewable energy and our experience in financing solar power plants, now in rooftop solar power projects. We will provide sustainable financial support with the leasing method for projects of Smart Energy that has considerable experience in the solar power sector as an investor, as a producer and as a builder alike. We as Garanti BBVA Leasing closely follow the developments in the sector as investments in rooftop solar power multiply each day. We will make considerable contribution to the sector also contributing in the generalization of investments by means of the cooperation we initiated with Smart Energy. We are providing opportunities to enterprises to install their own power plants with payment conditions suiting their cash flow instead of making electricity bill payments and are creating sustainable financial solutions for all our customers.”


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