About Us

News stories communicated by TEBA Agency through internet and its magazines of printed media, an agency which has been active since 1981 and focused on accurate, satisfactory, reliable and speedy economic reporting based on Turkey's politics, create an essential potentiality for the politician, bureaucrat and private sector administrators who are involved in governing Turkey and follow the markets of the business activities.

The single name in accurate, reliable, satisfactory, speedy reporting in Turkey

  • We are accurate : Because reporting is our source of earning
  • We are reliable : Because we have been professionals
  • We are satisfactory : Because we are based in Ankara and we have access to a greater number of sources of information
  • We are speedy : Because you can reach our most recent reporting from our Web-Site forthwith

All the important subjects you are interested in towards the Turkish business markets are in the scope of TEBA as a pioneering source.

  • Developments in the major projects of the public and private sectors
  • Research on Investments and Business Markets, Sector Reports and Analyses
  • Draft Laws and Reform Drafts at the Parliament and budget debates
  • Government's economy management decrees, regulations and statutes
  • Macro Economy News and new data
  • Public Sector Investment Programs, Government's Macro Economic Program
  • Intergovernmental Economic Researches on a bilateral basis
  • International Relations and Foreign Credit Agreements
  • Privatization activities

You can have a speedy access, through TEBA ARCHIVES, into decisions taken in the previous terms in connection with Turkish business market and politics as well as into previous developments towards projects, tenders and auctions

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