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BOTAŞ’s Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake) Underground Natural Gas Storage Capacity Increase Project

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Loan agreements worth $1.2 billion in total were signed with the World Bank and Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank Minister of Energy Berat Albayrak: "It will be an important source of funding for Turkey thanks to its repayment conditions, reasonable cost and low interest. We commissioned the first phase of Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Storage Plant with 500 million cubic meters of capacity last year. I hope that we will make an intensive effort to increase the capacity gradually and achieve a capacity of 5.4 billion cubic meters by 2023."

EIF 11th International Energy Congress and Expo Will be Realized in Ankara

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The Congress will be held at Ankara ATO Congressium on the dates of November 8 & 9, 2018

Siemens Gamesa Signs an Agreement with EMS Electronics on Wind Turbine Generators

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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Turkey’s CEO Yıldırım: “Generators at these dimensions which will be used in wind turbines for the first time in Turkey have been manufactured locally at a rate of over 55 percent. These generators will be used at a power plant of 10 turbines which we will install before the Renewable Energy Resource Fields (YEKA) project. But the same type, maybe a larger type will also be used for YEKA.”

Yapı Kredi Secured 25 Million Euro Source for Renewable Energy Projects

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Yapı Kredi CEO Erün, "Renewable Energy projects constitute major part of Bank project financing portfolio. We will transfer 10 year term 25 million Euro financing secured under the Proparco cooperation without guarantee, to projects focused on most efficiently using of renewable energy sources.”

Short-Term External Debt Stock of Turkey as of the End of April 2018 Is $125.5 Billion

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The majority of public short-term debt is made up of the liabilities of the public banks, and reached $27.8 billion with 12.1 percent increase in 4 months compared to the year-end 2017, while the short-term external debt of the private sector reached $100.7 billion with a 5.2 percent increase

Tekfen Holding Buys Gama Endüstri Shares at Gate İnşaat

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Tekfen İnşaat has purchased for $21.5 million the Gama Endüstri Shares at Gate İnşaat which they established in Kazakhstan by 50-percent partnership in 2002

Disclosures Made by Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek on the Economy



“There are certain ongoing drawbacks; there is no country without problems, we will focus on the current account deficit and the inflation rate and will reduce the percentages. There has been considerable recovery in tourism. The recovery in the income levels of neighboring countries in particular in line with an increase in oil prices has made significant contribution both to the contracting sector and the tourism sector in Turkey besides exports”…

Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) Project (I)

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President of the Republic Erdoğan: “We are opening Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline which is the backbone of the southern gas corridor and which we define as the silk road of energy. TANAP is also an indicator of multilateral cooperation. TANAP will start off with 16 billion cubic meters of natural gas per annum. 6 billion is being transmitted to Turkey and 10 billion to Europe. Turkey has taken another step in becoming a hub with critical role at each ring of the chain extending to ultimate consumers from the producer instead of being a transit country.” Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev: “TAP project will also be completed in two years besides TANAP. The southern gas corridor necessitating an investment of $ 40 billion and which is the most extensive infrastructure project of Europe will thus be put into life. Rich gas resources of Azerbaijan will reach the Turkish and European markets in a rapid and reliable manner. Southern Gas Corridor is an energy security project.”

Mergers and Acquisitions in Energy Industry

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It is reported that Bilgin Enerji has agreed to acquire OMV Samsun Elektrik Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş...

Tekfen İnşaat Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Azerbaijan

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Tekfen İnşaat has signed a letter of intention with Azerbaijan Ministry of Energy on "Strategic Cooperation in Terms of Developing Renewable Energy Projects."

Southern Gas Corridor Opens

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President of Azerbaijan Aliyev: “We have confirmed reserves of 2.6 trillion. We want to sell more natural gas to Europe. The Southern Gas Corridor is the line which has re-shaped the energy map of Europe. The benefits of all stakeholders have been protected in this project.” President of the Republic Erdoğan, “The steps we have taken together have played a major role in the rapid and smooth completion of this historical project. We will realize the opening of TANAP on June 12.”

Borusan EnBW Selects the Turbines for WPP Projects

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Borusan Holding’s CEO Agah Uğur, “The total investment amount of the two WPP projects for which we have realized the tender for the turbines of the wind power plants is US$ 240 million.” Borusan EnBW Energy General Manager Acarla, “705 MW of our present portfolio of 1172 MW will have started power generation when these two new investments in Çanakkale and Kırklareli are completed. We also wish to put our remaining projects in our portfolio which are being developed, into operation at the soonest.”

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