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Government, Relased a New Income Generating and Savings Provider Economy Package (I)

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The New Economy Package submitted to Parliament today by the Government under the title of "Bill Pertaining to Amending Income Law and Some Other Laws", covers new arrangements from Income Law to Central Bank Reserve Money, from Ministry of Health’s PPP model projects to bringing assets from abroad to Turkey.

Sinop Nuclear Power Plant Project

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President Tayyip Erdoğan said, "We have met with a Picture not in conformity with the initial agreement both in terms of cost and calendar. Of course, it is sad to see Sinop Nuclear Power Plant does not proceed as we planned. Yet, we do not limit our energy cooperation with Japan only with nuclear energy field".

Amendment to Public Electricity Purchase Tenders

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In Public electricity purchases, weighted average exchange price; unit renewable energy sources supporting mechanism cost will be calculated on the basis of administration connection voltage level, subscribers group, tariff class, single-multi time situation distribution cost and tax and funds VAT excluded, and announced by EMRA.

Amendment no. 2 in the Financing Agreement for the Multiannual Transport Action Program for Turkey

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The amendment has increased the estimated total cost of Turkey, a beneficiary of the IPA II, in the Multiannual Transport Action Program to €409,294,117. This amount was €382,588,235 under the amendment made in September 2018. The maximum EU Contribution for the program has been raised to €347,900. This amount was previously €325,200. -The primary project under the agreement is the Halkalı-Kapıkule Line Project...

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