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Halkbank to Borrow €4 Billion and 10 Billion TL



Halkbank has authorized the general directorate to borrow €2 billion or its equivalent in the form of additional principal capital in Turkey and to issue debt instruments worth 10 billion TL...

Central Budget Yielded TL 24.5 Billion Deficit in March 2019

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In March 2019, Budget Revenues increased 12.8% to reach TL 54 billion 370 million compared to the same period of previous year. Budget expenditures increased 15.2 % to be TL 78 billion 846 million. In January-March period, Budget deficit has been TL 36.2 billion.

The Unemployment Rate for January 2019 Is 14.7 %



The number of unemployed reached 4,668,000 in January 2019 increasing by 1,259,000 people compared to the same period last year. The unemployment rate realized as 14.7 percent increasing by 3.9 points thus making a peak of the last ten years. Youth unemployment rate realized as 26.7 percent increasing by 6.8 percent…

World Bank - IMF Spring Meeting is Held

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President of the World Bank David Malpass: "The global growth lost momentum throughout the 2018 with a fall from 3.3% in the Q1 to 2.7% in the Q4 according to the World Bank calculations. The deceleration was seen in both advanced and developing economies and it coincided with three other warning signs: Waning structural reforms in major economies; financial stress in some large emerging markets; and elevated policy uncertainty globally"... IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde: "The uncertainty is true currently in the global economy. Just a year ago, we saw a synchronized upswing; today we are looking at a synchronized downswing. We are projecting a return to higher growth in 2020. But we are at a “delicate moment”. This expected rebound is “precarious” and subject to downside risks: from trade tensions, high debt in some sectors and countries"...

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