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The Competition Authority Is Assigned Further Functions



The Minister of Customs and Trade, Bülent Tüfenkci, said: "We aim to make more contributions to the business world of Turkey with a new effort that will increase the functions of the Competition Authority or reorganize it."

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and Georgia Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikaşvili Meeting

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Delegation headed by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has visited Georgia and attended Turkey-Georgia High Level Strategic Cooperation Council. In the course of visit, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project has been reviewed Yıldırım, "This middle corridor to connect Caucasus to Central Asia to Far East, to London via Anatolian soil, in other word, direct connection of historical Silk Way again, is of very importance for the region from strategical perspective." Georgia Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikaşvili, “We do our best for starting the project, test runs will continue in Summer months, project will start in Autumn. This project exceeded the regional scale for sure."

Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization 25. Year Summit Held in İstanbul

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In the opening of Summit held at May 22, 2017 in İstanbul, President Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım participated. Following the bilateral talks between Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev, a joint communiqué has been signed for lifting the obstacles and restrictions on commercial trade between Turkey and Russian Federation

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Invites Major American Groups and International Fund Managers to Increase Their Investments in Turkey

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with company representatives and fund managers of major American groups operating in numerous industries including defense, aviation, chemistry, health, information technologies, and manufacturing industry, and invited them to increase their investments in Turkey...

Conference on Economic Relations between Turkey and China in the Perspective of Belts and Highways

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asia-Pacific Director General Ambassador Erçin, “All of the investments designed in different countries for the Modern Silk Road will later on be integrated with projects in Turkey.” Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Ankara Hongyang, “An amount of $ 900 billion is expected to be spent for the belts and highways project. Chinese companies are also presently in close follow-up for the 3rd nuclear power plant of Turkey.”

Gazprom’s Turkish Stream Project

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In the announcement by Gazprom, it is reported that as of May 6, 2017, under sea construction works started, Project partner Swedish Allseas Group starting pipe laying process under the Black Sea

23rd International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference (II)

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ETD Chairman Ergüven: "We can predict the possible moves in the private sector and manage risks accordingly but public bodies may not act according to the free market." ELDER President Çeçen: "In the next 3 or 4 years, as the investments in electricity supply progresses, we will have to complete our investments in infrastructure in order to provide the top quality service."

Trans Anadolu Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) Project

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TANAP Director General Saltuk Düzyol, "Mechanical works of Phase 0 to start at Turkey-Georgia border proceed towards Eskişehir planned to be completed until the end of this year. Then, commissioning process will start. As of January 2018, first test gas will be given. All works for supplying gas to Europe will be completed as of July 2019."

Important Disclosures Made by Mayor of Istanbul Kadir Topbaş (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality - İBB)

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Mayor of Istanbul Kadir Topbaş (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) said that the tendering procedures for the new metro lines in Istanbul have been finalized and works will be started for the lines in question at the soonest

Important Statements by Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek



"The outlook in Turkey is not as bleak as it appears from outside but it is not as positive as we desire, either. The result of the referendum is positive in terms of stability. However, there will be structural reforms to drive growth. I think 3 percent growth is only average for us. We will return to a growth trend of 5-6 percent. We believe that we can do it."

GE Purchased the Danish Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturer LM Wind Power

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GE signed the agreement to purchase the Danish LM Wind Power company for Euro 1.5 billion (USD 1.65 billion) in October 2016

Yapı Merkezi Group Starts Building the Tanzania High-Speed Train Line in East Africa

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Tanzania President Dr. John Pompe Joseph Magufuli, Tanzania Minister of Labor, Transport and Communication Makame M. Mibarawa, Yapı Merkezi Deputy Chairman Erdem Arıoğlu, Turkey's Ambassador to Dar es Salaam Yasemin Eralp, and Yapı Merkezi Board Member Emre Aykar attended the groundbreaking ceremony of High Speed Train Line Project in Pugu, Dar es Salaam on April 12

Kolin Group’s Etki Seaport Enterprises, FSRU Project

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Siemens Turkey has realized the design, manufacturing and the commissioning of Automation, Electrification, Fire and Gas Warning Systems, Integrated Telecom and Safety Systems of the first floating LNG terminal of Turkey

Important Statements by Berat Albayrak, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

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The specifications for Wind YEKA will be submitted to the Official Gazette today. The contest will be held by the end of July, 27 July if I remember right. Our second offshore exploration vessel (MTA Oruç Reis) will be leaving for the Mediterranean Sea next week, and we will start the process by then."

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Metro Project

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Test runs started on the line assumed by Doğuş İnşaat and vehicles of which were supplied by Mitsubishi Corp. Line planned to be commissioned on 30 August will be the first line with “platform door” system beside to be the first unpiloted metro

Turkish Stream Project

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The Circular Note of the Prime Ministry has been published for the finalization of implementations and procedures to be executed by public offices and institutions within the scope of the project, and for the fulfillment of liabilities undertaken by the Turkish Government in due time and in an efficient manner

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