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Infrastructure Investments General Directorate (AYGM), Canal Istanbul Project

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“The Draft Environmental Plan with a scale of 1/100,000 on the Reserved Development Area at the European Side of Istanbul Province” which was revised has been posted once more and will stay posted for a month… The Ministry of Environment and Urban Development has been authorized for all zoning implementations regarding Yenişehir on an area of 37,000 hectares to be formed in the vicinity of Canal Istanbul. An arrangement on “special project zone” has been made for projects to be developed in relation with Canal Istanbul…

Head of EU Delegation to Turkey, Berger's Noteworthy Statements



"We have faced and still are facing serious problems in terms of cash flow in access to supply and raw material. The mishaps in this field have an adverse impact on textile, machinery and equipments and motor vehicles industries. We have to protect our historical trade relations based on trust. Mishaps experienced in visa and logistics require cooperation of institutions of both sides"...

IMF Updates the World Economic Outlook Report

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IMF has revised the narrowing estimate for global economy as 4.9% for 2020 from a previous forecast rate of 3%. Expectations for Turkey remain unchanged. The Turkish economy is expected to contract by 5% in 2020 to be followed by a growth rate of 5% in 2021…

The New Law on the Protection of Competition Took Effect

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The new Law brings the stipulation and reconciliation institutions from the EU legislation to the Turkish competition legislation.

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