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ALSTOM Middle East and Turkey Director General Sougoufara: "We are Ready to Make Investment in Turkey"

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"Turkey has a unique position in railway transportation. Alstom focused on always supporting the Ministry of Transportation and TCDD in terms of improving the railway network with our technologies. We closely follow market and opportunities for both urban and main line operator users... We assume designing, production, installation, test, commissioning, training and maintenance work of signalization, communication and ve energy feeding systems of Eskişehir-Kütahya-Balıkesir Line, 328 km main line. Most recently, we applied our APS system, ground level continuous energy feeding system, on Eminönü-Alibeyköy tramcar line of 10.1 km long with 14 stations..."

World Economic Forum 2021 Starts with the Theme "the Great Reset"

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From the Chief Economists' 2021 Outlook Report: "The main trends to shape the global economy will be inequality and digitalization. Growing inequality, growing dominance of technology platforms on the market and spread of remote work will remain for a long time as the legacy of the COVID-19. Money, finance and competition policies will focus on the responses to these new trends. This will reinforce the role of the public sector in economy"... European Central Bank (ECB) Chairman Lagarde: "Economic recovery in Eurozone may be delayed but it should not be derailed"...

11th Turkey Energy Forum - Digital Edition 2021- to be Held on 27-29 January

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The agenda includes interactive discussions on energy market risk and investors' sentiments along with panels examining financing dynamic post-COVID-19, the reform of energy distribution systems, the boom of renewables and distributed generation investments in a Turkish energy mix as well as the role of digitalisation and technology in improving the yield in energy and renewable energy projects...

Alstom Deploys Its First Aps Ground-Level Power Solution In Turkey

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Alstom deploys its first APS ground-level power solution in Turkey for Eminonu- Alibeykoy Tramway Line...

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