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INTES, 177th Traditional Meeting

Intes President Koloğlu: “The employment of Turkish workers abroad is not yet at desired levels. İŞKUR contracts signed with Turkish workers have to be arranged in accordance with the provisions of the international special law. Incentives for employment have to be simplified and has to be arranged in a manner to be applied for registered employers.”

The 177th Traditional Meeting of Turkish Employers' Association of Construction Industries (INTES) is held in JW Marriott Hotel in Ankara on November 22, 2017 under the title of “Formal and Qualified Employment”. Labor and Social Security Minister Jülide Sarıeroğlu and Intes President and Kolin’s Chairman of the Board Celal Koloğlu delivered speeches during the meeting.

Minister Sarıeroğlu made the following disclosure on the employment figures: “An increase of 282,000 people has been recorded in the number of insured workers in September compared to August. The increase in employment between January 2017 and September 2017 is 1,700,000 in the public and the private sector including interns and trainees. On the other hand, taking a look at the figures under the employment of the public and the private sector, I particularly want to express that the number of insured people within the scope of A4 recorded under the Social Security Institution on a long term basis is 1,400,000 people excluding apprentices and interns. An increase of 282,000 people has been recorded in the number of insured workers in September compared to August.”

INTES President Koloğlu

On the other hand, Intes President Koloğlu noting that they consider the main factor as a sustainable growth upon scrutiny on the 2018 budget, stated that investments have to unfold in an increasing manner to achieve this end and that new investments are also of importance for employment.

Koloğlu noting that contractors are realizing major projects both in the country and abroad but employment for Turkish workers is not yet at the desired level, pointed out that the cost and social security premiums are at high levels in case of employment abroad and that workers are filing lawsuits despite obtaining their rights with court cases concluding with results against their benefits. Koloğlu stating that this results with drawbacks in the employment of Turkish workers, said that a new system has to be devised that will protect the worker and the employer besides the work place in particular.

Koloğlu stating that they are worried about a replacement of positions held by Turkish engineers, architects and technical staff besides Turkish workers by Pakistani and Indian staff, said that Turkish engineers are as important as Turkish workers by means of their contribution to the country’s economy by establishing companies in countries where they execute their activities. Koloğlu noting that they propose an arrangement in accordance with the provisions of the international special law regarding İŞKUR contracts signed with Turkish workers, underlined that the agreement in question has to be supported by Law #4857.

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