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TMSF’s Tender for Adularya Enerji's Sale

In the tender relaunched for selling Adularya Enerji ve Tümsan İnşaat Madencilik, included in Yunus Emre Thermal Power Plant, bidding deadline is 20 August 2019...

Savings Account Insurance Fund (TMSF), appointed as trustee, has launched tender anew on sealied envelope and open bidding method for  Adularya Enerji Elektrik Üretimi ve Madencilik AŞ ve Tümsan İnşaat Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ’s Adularya Energy Generation Commercial and Economic Integrity. Tender announcement was published in the Official Gazette of 22 July 2019.

Tender specification may be seen at TMSF, Büyükdere Caddesi, No: 143, Esentepe İstanbul free of charge and may be bought in return of TL 25.000 from Sale Commission at the same address. 

The assets of Adularya Energy Generation Commercial and Economic Integrity are,

- Land pieces no. 323 and 331 in Eskişehir, Mihalıççık, in Kütahya, Gediz county, Gümüşlü Village and total 31 lands and mine field included Yunus Emre Thermal Power Plant at Koyunağılı Quarter and Bey Village. 

-Surface usage permission established until 23 June 2055 for benefit of Adularya Enerji Elektrik Üretimi ve Madencilik AŞ on two immovables under the Finance Treasury’s authority. 

-Prefabric structures; movables in mine field and thermal power plant field; vehicles; mine licenses; document, rights covering license and permissions, movables and all other goods, rights and assets not having economic value individually, originating from contracts related to movables and of essential component of assets. 

Bidding deadline 20 August 2019

Bids will be given until 17.00 hours, 20 August 2019 to Sale Commission, tender will be carried out on 14.30 hours, 21 August 2019 at TMSF Mezzanine Conference Hall, Büyükdere Caddesi, No: 143, Esentepe İstanbul. In case Commission decides the tender to continue on bargaining method, bargaining process will start at 14.30 hours, 23 August 2019 at TMSF Mezzanine Conference Hall, Büyükdere Caddesi, No: 143, Esentepe İstanbul.

Interested parties has to deposit TL55.000.000 bid bond to bank with the explanation of “Bid Bond of Adularya Enerji Üretimi Commercial and Economic Integrity Guarantee Cost”. Visiting information room and visiting the facility will be made between 29 July 2019 and 19 August 2019. Interested parties have to deposit TL 75.000 for information room usage and for visiting the facility after purchasing the specification and will sign memorandum of confidentiality. 

Estimated value of tender is set to be TL1 billion 100 million, tender winning company will have to pay tender cost and VAT which is 18% of the tender cost within the time frame set by Sale Commission after the winning party was informed on the result. 

As it might be recalled, tender was earlier cancelled twice and the bidding deadline was set to be 9 July 2019 TEBA:1915/ April 24, 2019  

Yunus Emre Thermal Power Plant from which Adularya Enerji sells electricity to public within the coverage of public procurement guarantee, has two units of  2x145 MW, with boiler circulated flued bed technology, and also semi-dry flue gas treatment system.



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