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Rail Industry Show 2020

The fair will be organized on April 14-16, 2020 at ETO-Tüyap Eskişehir Fair Center in Eskişehir...

Rail Industry Show - Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fair will be held on April 14-16 2020 at ETO-Tüyap Eskişehir Fair Center in Eskişehir supported by T.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The fair aims to improve the development of the railway sector which is strategically important for the development of Turkey. The fair is expected to be an international meeting platform. 100-120 domestic and foreign companies and 5.000 participants are expected to attend the fair.

Product groups in the fair consist of railway infrastructure and superstructure (Construction Activities, Construction Activities, Planning and Inspection, Railway line machines, equipment and tools, Station buildings, Technical equipment / building materials
Signal and control systems, Air line equipments), Railway Technologies (On-rail vehicles for public transport and freight transport, Public transport wagons, Intermodal Transportation Vehicles, Service For Vehicles), Interior, Public transport and Tunnel Construction.

For further information about the fair, please visit the website:

Annual Report